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The More You Purchase, The More You Save

The More You Purchase, The More You Save

One of the best ways to save money on insurance is by taking out multiple lines of coverage from the same insurer. Insurance companies are happy to offer discounts for such customers because it increases their overall volume of business. In fact the more lines of coverage a customer has the greater the total bundled savings. Let’s take a look a company we recently helped with these bundled savings.

Our client worked in the industrial business sector. In addition to the property associated with their actual business facility they also had eight company vehicles that they used for business purposes. The size of the company consisted of twenty-six full-time employees. Here’s a list of the various types of insurance that this client needed in order to protect their business.

Property Insurance

Property insurance was essential to our client because their work site was a crucial and expensive part of their business. This property needed to be protected with coverage that would provide a benefit if the structure itself were damaged, or if the equipment inside suffered damage. The policy would also provide a per diem payment in the event that business became interrupted due to a covered catastrophe or damaging event.

Auto Insurance

It was also essential that the client protect their company vehicles, as well as comply with legal requirements, with auto insurance. Auto insurance is every bit as important for a business as it is for an individual. In fact due to the extra liabilities and penalties that a business can face, it is often even more vital.

Workers Compensation

Our client had twenty-six full-time employees and as such it was necessary to cover these employees with workers compensation insurance. This insurance would pay for medical bills and other expenses in the event that the employees were hurt or injured on company property or during the course of business activities. Once again, medical bills and other liabilities can be huge and thorough coverage in this area was of the essence.

General Liability

General liability insurance protected the client against things like lawsuits and other settlements and payments that might be required. This policy provided a great layer of protection, but it was not without policy limits.

Excess Liability

Due to the policy limits mentioned above, as well as the nature of business which could further expose the company to serious liability, it was necessary for the client to have an excess liability policy. This policy provided additional benefits in the event the amounts covered by the basic policy were exceeded.


As you have probably determined, the multiple types of insurance that this client needed, as well as the extent of coverage required by each policy, meant that it had the potential to get extremely expensive. However, by bundling these lines of coverage together and getting the client insured for everything by the same insurance carrier, we were able to save them $17,000 in annual premiums! Remember all this savings was due to the fact that their policies were bundled together. Thus it is easy to see why bundled savings can make a huge difference for clients. These types of services are available to both businesses and individuals who need multiple types of insurance.

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