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April 19
Learn How To Prepare For a Hurricane In The South

Learn How To Prepare For a Hurricane In The South

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When it comes to preparing for a hurricane, families need to take a proactive approach. Some families get lackadaisical and don’t take the hurricane warning seriously. Some people don’t want to leave their homes when they get the evacuation notice and this is dangerous. The attachment to their home supersedes the wisdom of getting out before the hurricane arrives. This article will teach you how to prepare for a hurricane in the south, if that is where you or your family resides. It is important to protect your financial assets in this type of situation, but more importantly, you should take all measures to protect your family.

The Hurricane Season

Hurricane season takes place from June 1st to November 30th of each year. Over the past several decades, the south has earned its reputation as the place where hurricanes frequently visit. However, because of global warming, we are seeing a different trend where places like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and North Carolina are being affected.

You also need to have a plan of what you will do after the storm hits. Usually, the first 3 days after the storm are the most challenging because in most cases, there are structural damages, communication programs and restrictions with transportation. The daily necessities such as water, food, gas and ice can be very difficult to find after you have experienced a storm.

It is vitally important to have a meeting with your family members about the details of your plan such as:

  • Where you will go when an evacuation is announced?
  • How you will secure your home, vehicle and/or boat?
  • What kind of property insurance coverage is in place?
  • What kind of supplies will you buy?
  • Making arrangements to secure your pet, if you have any
  • If you don’t need to evacuate, you have to make different plans to stay in your home through the duration of the storm.

Some Important Tips

Below are some ideas of how to prepare before and after the storm. You have to take similar steps of buying supplies, boarding up your home, securing your vehicles, having the proper home insurance coverage and securing your pet. However, additionally, you have to:

Select a room in the house that is safer: Make sure that the room is not close to any windows. Closets or bathrooms are considered safe for protection during a storm.

Have an escape route: You should do some advanced planning on steps to take in leaving your home if things got worse. Think of places that you and your family can meet if you get separated. Have an evacuation address, just in case you will need it.

Have a designated contact: Plan which family member or friend you would call first to check in. This would be someone in a different state. This is important so that everyone will know you are safe.

Pet information: You should ensure that your pet is current in registration as well as vaccination. Keep a copy of this document available.

Important documents: Put all documents of importance in a waterproof location. These may include property deeds, IDs, auto insurance, car title, health insurance cards, driver’s license, property insurance and credit cards.

Communication: Make sure you have a portable radio so you can listen to current weather conditions and buy enough batteries to use as well.

Disaster Plan: A hurricane can result in life changing events, so you should have a written plan on how you will handle everything. Keep this written plan in a safe place.

Gas and more: Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your vehicles. Keep enough garbage bags to seal trash, which may include loose debris.

Other tips: If you have a sliding door or window, put towels and other materials underneath the bottom to prevent water from coming in.


In any event, no matter where you live, it is recommended that you prepare for a hurricane as soon as you hear it announced on the news. This means that you should always keep in tune with the most current news broadcasts. It is never too premature to put a plan together with your family. In fact, you should discuss and orchestrate your plan even before the hurricane season begins.