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Property Insurance

Property Insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that there is. Many people forget about this key insurance type because they may be more concerned with the auto insurance, life insurance, or health insurance, however, property insurance is just as important as these other types of coverages. The reason is that property insurance covers what, for most people, is their most expensive material possession: the place where they live!

It’s obvious of course that if you were to lose your home and all the possessions in it that it would be incredibly financially devastating, not to mention emotionally traumatic. That is why it is so vital to protect your property and ensure that if this type of tragedy occurs you will at least be protected from major economic hardship. Plus, property insurance often provides great, flexible coverage that can help you out in other ways besides simply covering the financial costs associated with loss of the structure itself.

One important way that property insurance protects the insured is by providing coverage of expenses for displacement or temporary relocation. It stands to reason of course that if your home suffers fire damage or some other type of disaster that you will need to relocate while the damage is being repaired. With restaurant and hotel bills being as high as they are that can get very expensive very quickly. With the coverage provided by property insurance you can get all or a portion of these costs covered.

Many people assume that property insurance is only for homeowners. However, while homeowners certainly do make up one of the biggest demographics, property insurance like renter’s insurance is also very important for people who live in apartments. There is also condo insurance and mobile home insurance for people who live in these types of dwellings. Coverage for these people is certainly just as important because otherwise they too could be on the hook for some serious damages if anything happens to these types of homes.

One more great benefit of property insurance is that it protects you, from lawsuits, court cases, or settlements relating to the bodily injury or property damage of other people that is caused by you, your family, or even your pets. The reality is that we live in a very litigious society and you never know when someone might sue you for these types of damages. Having good insurance coverage to protect yourself from costly lawsuits is extremely important.

Here at Beaty insurance we realize that everyone’s situation is a little bit different. We have no desire to sell a one-size-fits-all policy that isn’t ideal for the individual consumer. Instead we want to make sure that each and every customer gets precisely the coverage that they need without over-paying or being under-insured. Please call us for more information or for rate quotes so that we can help you get the coverage that you need.