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Insurance Services

At Beaty Insurance we offer a full range of services to fit the insurance needs of all of our customers. What that means is that we are your one stop location for a variety of different insurance types including:

Life Insurance

Protect your family and loved ones by ensuring that you have enough life insurance coverage to cover final expenses and protect against the financial loss incurred as a result of your death. Choose from an array of different life insurance types to pick the one that best meets your needs.

Health Insurance

Protect both your health and your financial security by making sure that your health coverage needs are met and that you can pay for any medical expenses that arise. We offer a range of health insurance products to fit anyone’s needs.

Vehicle Insurance

Auto insurance isn’t just a legal requirement, it is also an essential part of any financially responsible individual’s insurance coverage. Vehicle insurance most commonly refers to standard automobiles, but don’t forget about out other vehicle insurance products such as motorcycle, RV, or boat.

Property Insurance

Protect yourself and your property by getting adequate coverage and making sure that your needs are met. The loss or damage of your property can be emotionally devastating, don’t let it be financially devastating as well.

Homeowners Insurance

For most people their homes are their single most valuable piece of property. Protect this fundamental part of your life and identity by ensuring that you have the coverage necessary to pay for damages or loss in the event of a disaster.